“Smile. You’re in Pennsylvania!” Just one of the many road signs you will see welcoming you to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on your pharmacy job assignment and this one says it all. You can’t help but smile as you enter this beautiful state. Known as the Keystone State since 1802 due to its central location among the original Thirteen Colonies, Pennsylvania has been “key” in the growth of the United States. Legendary attractions such as the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and the Franklin Institute will all take you back to when the Nation was young and remind you of the freedom we are so lucky to have. In 1731, Benjamin Franklin (and some friends) created the first public library. On June 15, 1752 he conducted his famous kite experiment and in 1776 he was appointed to the Committee of Five, the group of men that drafted the Declaration of Independence. All of these events took place in Pennsylvania. Sit down and have a history lesson with us during your pharmacy job to Pennsylvania, there is much to tell.

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