M, I, Crocked Letter, Crocked Letter. We all learned how to spell Mississippi in different ways. But being hard to spell is not the only interesting fact about this southern state. Did you know that in 1898 root beer was invented in Biloxi, in 1935 the face of rock and roll was changed forever with the birth of Elvis Presley in Tupelo and in 1866, on a bright summer day in Columbus, two ladies placed flowers on the graves of confederate and union soldiers alike giving birth to what we now call Memorial Day. Often referred to as the Magnolia State, Mississippi is rich in southern charm, high-paying pharmacy jobs, and U.S. history. Mississippi is a mouthful to say and a monster to write. This states slow southern ways and dreamy southern nights are all you need to know Mississippi is the place to be for your next pharmacy job, no matter how you spell it.

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