The big state of Texas is calling for your next pharmacy job.  Texas is located in the South Central U.S. and is the 2nd largest state after Alaska. As you can imagine with over 268,000 square miles of land mass, there is more to do in Texas than some might think. Over 23.9 million folks call this state home though as you travel from east to west, the terrain and way of thinking shifts from Southern to Southwestern. As the ground gets sandier the food gets spicier! Chow down on some authentic Mexican cuisine in El Paso or get your fill of Tex-Mex in San Antonio during your pharmacy job. While you are in San Antonio the Alamo is a must see. “Remember The Alamo,” a 4.2 acre complex where a small band of Texans held out for 13 days against the Mexican Troops ultimately winning the state its independence. In 1901the first major oil well was discovered in Texas. The resulting “Oil Boom” forever changed the states economy. Today Texas is home to three of the top ten most populated states in the U.S. Houston, Dallas and San Antonio. These cities offer world-class shopping, dining, beautiful resorts, and top-paying pharmacy jobs.

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