Illinois is the most populated and most demographically diverse state in the Midwest; therefore it has the most pharmacy jobs. Illinois is rich in American history and proud of the roles they played in it. It was the first state to ratify the 13th Amendment to the Constitution abolishing slavery and continued to be a forward thinking state when the civil rights movement took place. Springfield, the capital of Illinois, was home to Abraham Lincoln. You can even visit the Lincoln home while on your pharmacy job assignment. It is the center piece of the Lincoln Home National Historic Site which has been restored to its exact condition in the 1860’s. The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum is the largest presidential library in the country. Also home to Illinois was a key member of the Illinois Woman Suffrage Association, Frances Elizabeth Willard. To commemorate her tremendous efforts for this very important cause she was the first woman to have a statue in the nation’s capitol. Come enjoy all this American history by taking a pharmacy job in Illinois.

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